Passenger Plane Forced To Turn Back As Man ‘Won’t Stop Doing Yoga’


A passenger flew off the handle when he was asked by flight attendants to stop doing yoga during his flight, forcing the pilot to turn the plane around.

The Japan-bound aeroplane returned to Hawaii because the passenger, Hyongtae Pae, wanted to do yoga instead of sit in his seat, the FBI said.

The 72-old-man from South Korea reportedly began yelling at crew members and shoving his wife after he went to the back of the plane to do yoga and meditate during the in-flight meal, The Guardian reports.


Pae told the FBI he became angry when he was asked by attendants to return to his seat and pushed his wife because she was trying to make him stop

He also tried to headbutt and bite Marines who happened to be passengers on the flight and were trying to force him back to his seat, assistant US attorney Darren Ching said at Pae’s detention hearing on Wednesday.

According to the reports, he threatened to kill passengers and yelled that there is no god.


Pae went on a rampage because he felt the flight crew was ordering him around, his lawyer said.

He suggested Pae shouldn’t be released because he was a danger to his wife, himself and others. Pae was on suicide watch at the Honolulu federal detention center, Ching said.

US magistrate judge Kevin Chang ordered that Pae be set bailed at $25,000 (£17,000), but with certain conditions including not leaving the island of Oahu and undergoing a mental health evaluation.

Chang also denied Pae’s request to return home to South Korea, because that would involve getting on a plane again.

Pae apparently only recently took up yoga to help with anxiety and Pae told the FBI he was suffering with sleep deprivation, apparently he hadn’t been able to sleep in 11 days.

And we thought yoga was supposed to relax you…