Man Handcuffed For Giving £1 To Homeless Man Gets Compensation

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One student has been awarded compensation after being unlawfully handcuffed by police following a confrontation with an officer in Liverpool.

George Wilson, 20, gave a homeless person a pound coin on a night out and was stopped by police after they thought he was attempting to sell drugs, and despite trying to explain to the officer that he was mistaken, the officer refused to believe him and handcuffed him anyway.

Wilson actually managed to record the conversation between himself and the officer, which shows the officer overstepping his boundaries at best.


The officer was recorded saying:

Look, buddy, if I lock you up for being drunk and disorderly, because that’s what you are being, you won’t be a student of the law any more. I’ll take that off you. So shut your mouth and stop being stupid.


Merseyside Police claimed:


The force sought legal advice before a settlement amount was negotiated before this case went to trial.

The officer involved in this incident was spoken to about the matter at a misconduct meeting earlier in the year and was provided with advice and training.

Merseyside Police remains absolutely committed to the highest integrity and the professional standards of its officers at all times.

After being given £5,000 in compensation, Wilson claimed that he felt let down by the police and that justice wasn’t actually done, with his lawyer claiming that the public need to realise they don’t have to accept that level treatment from police officers.

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    Student who handed £1 to a homeless man only to be handcuffed by police who thought it was a drugs deal wins £5,000 payout