Man Impaled In The Butt By Two Steel Rods After Falling


You may want to sit down for this – just choose your cushion more carefully than this poor guy.

Footage has captured the moment a handyman impaled himself on a metal fence, after falling from a great height while installing an air-conditioning unit yesterday.

The man, working a job at Xi’an industrial park in China’s Shaanxi province, landed on an iron fence which pierced his buttocks in two places.

Check the horrendous video below:

Responding to the incident, Shaanxi fire service took it upon themselves to film the man’s agony as he was being rescued, the Metro reports.


The firefighters were forced to cut away the surrounding metal fence to free the man from his shackles.

During the procedure the unfortunate falling man could be heard shouting in pain; a fact that will surprise literally no one.


The servicemen decided to post the footage and the subsequent pictures onto the Chinese social media site, Weibo, bringing new meaning to the ‘Butt Hurt’ meme.

Local reports say the unidentified man is currently recovering in hospital after surgeons removed the two iron rods from his backside.