Man In Florida Knocks Himself Out After Trying To Headbutt Bus



One man from Florida managed to knock himself unconscious after getting into a dispute with a bus driver and deciding to headbutt the bus.

Obviously that’s on another level of crazy, but this isn’t the first time someone Florida has found themselves hitting the headlines for losing the plot and not only being on the wrong side of the law, but on the first bus to loonyville at the same time.

The man’s ticket had run out, so the bus driver told him he would have to pay a bank breaking $2 to carry on, at which point he lost the plot and decided the best course of action was to headbutt the vehicle when the driver decided to lock the bus and leave it in the terminal.


Public information officer Jamie Brown told CBS News:

It is what it is, you look at it and you just shake your head.

There’s no point in trying to be staunch when it’s obviously comical, you should just make light of it. Criminals do silly things.

Winter Haven Police Department are currently investigating the incident.