Man Kept Dead Father’s Corpse Sitting In A Chair For Four Months

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An Inquest has heard that the skeletal remains of the 94-year-old man were left in his favourite armchair by his son for four months before being spotted by a neighbour.


Timothy Brown lived alongside his dead father, Kenneth Brown, for four months until a neighbour spotted his skeleton in the living room chair. Timothy had placed his father in his favourite armchair after he suffered a fall during a fire in June last year.

He then found his father dead in the chair the next day but rather than telling the authorities he left him to decompose and continued to live in the house. It wasn’t until months later that a neighbour called round and saw the pyjama-clad remains of Mr Brown slumped in his chair by the fire while his son watched TV in the same room.

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In a statement, the Brown’s neighbour said: 


The back door was open, from the kitchen I could hear the TV was on loudly in the living room. Tim was in there watching TV. I spoke to [him] for a few minutes from the hall, before I opened the door fully. As I looked at the chair I wasn’t sure what I was looking at. I could see a skull, I was very shocked.

The police were then called and Timothy was arrested for concealing a body and preventing a burial. However he was not charged after police decided it wasn’t in the public interest to pursue the case.

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Detective Constable Andrew Weatherley, from Staffordshire Police, told the hearing:

The pair had led a reclusive life together and were very close. He had left his father there over the course of several months and just lived with it. He realised he should have reported the death but couldn’t bring himself to do it. At the end of the day he had lost his father.

The inquest recorded an open verdict after a post mortem was unable to find a cause of death because of the decomposition of the body.

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