Man Kicked Out Of Hospital For Ordering Pizza Caught On Camera Abusing Nurses

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One overweight man has caused widespread disgust after being caught on camera harassing a nurse and mouthing off about tax payers.

Steven Assanti, 33, weighs a massive 800lbs, and was told to leave Rhode Island Hospital after violating their care plan by ordering pizza.

Assanti had lost 20lbs, but decided not only to harass the nursing staff, but also to order a takeaway, despite being in the hospital to receive help with his dieting.

Despite claiming that it was actually the hospital who were in the wrong, Assanti has been humiliated after videos of him not only mocking tax paying citizens, but also terrorizing nursing staff went viral.

Horrifyingly, the rants are actually something he decided to upload to YouTube himself, and really speaks volumes about the kind of man he is.

He has also launched foul-mouthed racist trades in the past, and the videos show that he is not the victim he tried to portray himself as after initially being kicked out of the hospital, and claiming he had to live in his dad’s car.