Man Killed Friend Because He Was Scared He’d Turn Into A Zombie

google street viewThe murder took place in the Vista Villa Apartment Complex

A man who had been binge-watching The Walking Dead beat his friend to death because he was worried he might turn into a zombie.

It sounds like the kind of grisly scene you might see in a horror movie over Halloween weekend but this horrific scenario genuinely played itself out in New Mexico last week.

New Mexico police spokesman Moses Marquez said on Sunday that Damon Perry, 23, is being held on a murder charge for killing 23-year-old Christopher Paquin.

Officers were called to an apartment complex on Thursday afternoon where Perry was said to be wielding a knife.

They later found Paquin’s body inside the flat, while maintenance workers were detaining Perry who had apparently been running around the rest of the complex threatening other people who he must have thought were zombies too.

Perry told investigators they’d been drinking together when Paquin suddenly began “to change into a zombie” and tried to bite him. Perry then allegedly beat Paquin with his hands, feet, an electric guitar and a microwave.

zombie3The Walking Dead

Police don’t think drugs or mental illness were the cause of the horrible incident, believing that binge drinking will ultimately prove to be responsible for Perry’s actions.