Man Kills Six-Month-Old Stepson After ‘Mistaking Him For A Spider’

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Victoria Police

A man who is charged with killing his six-month-old stepson claims he mistook the child for a spider resting on his chest.


Dwayne Lindsey was left in charge of the baby Chayse while the baby’s mother Michelle Dearing went to a 24 hour shop in June of 2016.

But not long after, Mr Lindsey rang Ms Dearing to tell her: ‘There’s something wrong with the baby – come home.’

Mr Lindsey has denied that he intended to kill the tot, and said the baby rolled off his chest and struck his head against a heater when Mr Lindsey jumped in a fright, according to The Sun.

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Chayse suffered traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries in June of 2016, the Supreme Court of Victoria heard.

However, prosecutor Nicholas Papas QC said that Mr Lindsey’s testimony did not match the medical reports, which show Chayse’s death was unlikely to have been accidental.

Ms Dearing and two friends had gone to the 24-hour shop at 4am. At 8.21am, she received a call from Lindsey saying something was wrong with Chayse, and that he had blood coming from his nose.

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Mr Papas said:

It was an emotional, chaotic scene when Ms Dearing and the others got back. She (Ms Dearing) was overcome with emotion and collapsed.

Neighbour Brian Woods claimed he heard Ms Dearing and Mr Lindsey arguing on the night of the tot’s death.

He claimed that Mr Lindsey tried to wake the baby after the fall and let out a ‘long dingo howl’ after he realised something was wrong.


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Ms Dearing told the court that she and Lindsey were planning to get married before the tragic incident occurred.

It had been reported that Mr Lindsey proposed to Ms Dearing just nights before her child’s death.

One of the women who were with Ms Dearing at the 24-hour shop told the court that she collapsed  in the doorway of the bedroom when she saw the young boy.

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She also claimed she taught Mr Lindsey some special techniques to help settle babies, and said he had ‘so much for patience’ for a child who wasn’t his.

The trial is set to continue for a week.

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