Man Known As ‘Iranian Hulk’ Is Going To Syria To Fight ISIS


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If I were ISIS, I’d be scared shitless right now.

A man known as the ‘Iranian Hulk’ has volunteered to join the Iranian military forces fighting alongside Bashar al-Assad’s troops against ISIS – and he’s huge.

At 24-stone, 24-year-old (that’s one stone for every year he’s been alive – think about that) weight lifter Sajad Gharibi is what the Hulk would look like if he wasn’t green.

He’s a power lifter, a boxer and a body builder – if you couldn’t already tell.

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According to the BBC, Gharibi’s Instagram page says he is a devout Muslim who wants to defend Shia sites against ISIS.

His profile says: “Calming the heart and the life I have faith in God and his infallible Imams.”

The real-life Hercules has become a social media star thanks to his massive physique, and he appears to revel in the attention, reposting news clippings and celebrity mentions to his 143,000 Instagram followers.

His posts, mainly in Persian, detail how he wants to volunteer with Iranian forces battling ISIS, and guard Shia mosques being destroyed by the Sunni terrorists, according to posts translated by the BBC.

And it’s not all ‘Hulk smash’ for him either, his other nickname is the Persian Hercules – based on the Greek hero who fought against injustice.

His Instagram seems to show off a softer side, too.

Here he is eating breakfast:

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He even takes time to pose with fans:

And visit the hospital:

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And he even shows us he’s just a normal guy who likes gaming:

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On July 4th, he even sent his best wishes to Americans celebrating Independence Day.

And he also appeared to have been disappointed by a friend or loved one, the Telegraph reports, as he wrote: “Remember how I told you if you’re humble and love people, they’ll crush you? That’s me right now.”

He just seems like an all around nice person.

Despite his hatred of ISIS though, the Iranian Hulk has had to deny rumours that he was the so-called ‘Bulldozer,’ an ISIS executioner with a very similar physique.

We still wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of him.