Man Leaves Very Embarrassing Post On Girl’s Facebook After Kissing Her

by : UNILAD on : 25 Jul 2016 17:32
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Social media is a fascinating place. A melting pot of everything which is weird and wonderful in the world – or in this case, just weird. Weird as fuck. 


This is the harrowing tale of how a girl went out on her 21 birthday and ended up kissing a guy. No shocking twist or turn yet.

However, the next day – when our hapless Lothario had sobered up – he decided to get in touch with the proud owner of the lips he had kissed the previous night, reports the Mirror.


But this is where shit gets weird.


Instead of sending her a cute private message, our Romeo decided that to maximise his chance of meeting up with Juliet again, what he had to do was post a 100 word plus essay to her public Facebook wall displaying his obsession and love for her – because that’s exactly what a girl wants.

The post begins with:

So nice meeting you. I think you’re an amazing person, and I really wish the best. Enjoy the rest of your summer.


So far, not terrifying. But this is far from the end.

Here’s the message in full:


So that was fucking petrifying…


Personally, I’m a big fan of the moment he writes ‘ttyl’ before going onto write another gazillion words. But I guess that’s just the way this guy rolls.

I think it’s safe to say they won’t be meeting up again any time soon, after this.

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