Man Left Fighting For Life After Being Bitten By Spider In Peru


One man has been left fighting for his life after being bitten by a spider.

Orlando Jimenez Jimenez, 31, is being treated by doctors in southern Peru, and has seen his organs fail.

His eyes and ears have rotted because of the bite, and his liver and kidneys are now in failure.

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After it was revealed his parents were paying £140 per day for his life-saving treatment, a page was set up for financial support on Facebook, ‘Help Chamo’, which is his nickname.

The shocking incident is believed to have happened when a spider fell on him and bit his ear, with the spider thought to have been a Chilean Recluse, one of the deadliest types of spiders in the world.


Jimenez was initially taken to a health care centre, where he was given an antidote, but after that failed to work, he was rushed to intensive care.

Sadly, he is now fighting for his life.