Man Lets Deadly Snakes Bite Him Back-To-Back To Prove ‘Immunity’


A Wisconsin man so committed to creating a human vaccine to deadly snake venom has been filmed deliberately allowing two of the world’s deadliest serpents bite him back-to-back.

Tim Friede does not have a lab, or any funding according to Nerdist, his obsession even destroyed his marriage, and yet he still continues to regularly put his life in the balance.

In his latest bid to prove he has developed immunity, or at the very least a high tolerance, Friede plays lab rat by taking bites from a black mamba and a taipan.

Both carry some of the most potent venom known to man, and are more than capable of killing without the others assistance.

That was hard to watch, but I suppose there is method in the madness.

If Friede has been doing this for over 16 years it stands to reason that he would develop some form of tolerance.

‘Right now I’m the only person in the world who can do what you just saw,’ Friede states.

I’m pretty sure you are the only person in the world who would want to do what was just seen.

Friede’s work does have some support from academics.

Dr. Brian Hanley, a University of California microbiologist, who has worked with Friede said:

Arguing with Tim’s results–it’s like arguing the sky is blue. It needs work, but it’s real, and it fits what we know about immunology. There’s no conflict here.

Well his heart is in the right place as Friede is playing roulette with his own life for the sake of humanity, but his experiments are crazy.