Man Loses His Penis After Road Rage Incident

by : UNILAD on : 23 Jan 2017 10:00

Things got out of hand pretty quickly during a battle for a parking space in this carpark, resulting in the painful loss of a man’s penis.


The situation escalated to a whole, disturbing, new level in Belarus recently, as two men got into a heated fight, ending in one of the brawlers losing their manhood.

Apparently, a man was clearing snow out of a parking space so his wife could park, but when he went to return his shovel, he’d found that another man had slipped into his place.

The parking-space pincher then refused to move and a brutal looking brawl broke out between the pair, with the man who knicked his space allegedly stamping on the other man’s head and groin.


The unlucky guy was hurt so badly, he was rushed to hospital where doctors revealed they would horrifyingly have to remove his penis, as his injury was so severe.

He is currently still in hospital recovering from the traumatic incident, with his attacker having been arrested and facing up to two years in prison, according to The Sun.


This looks extremely painful… poor guy.

Moral of the story there is don’t go pinching parking spaces that aren’t yours.

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The Sun
  1. The Sun

    DONG GONE IN PARKING DING-DONG Man loses penis in road rage punch up after he nabs space another driver had just dug out of the snow