Man Loses Job And Girlfriend After Getting Penis Tattooed On His Leg



This lad got a cock tattooed on his leg, and subsequently lost his missus and his job. Poor form.

Daniel Brebner, 29, lost a bet at a game of poker, and a result he ended up with a penis tattooed on his leg. Smart.

To make an awful idea that little bit worse, he also had his mates name, Huw, added into the dick. because sometimes a cock tattoo just isn’t shit enough.


It’s pretty funny, because it’s not me. But for Daniel, its not as much as a laugh. His missus has left him, and hes lost his job.

His girlfriend obviously didn’t like the look of the extra penis on his thigh, with another guy’s name on. I can’t think why.

He described the events as ‘one knock after another’.