Man Makes Hilarious Dirty Protest When Police Try And Arrest Him

by : Tom Percival on : 10 Feb 2016 13:45


We don’t think anyone’s ever looked intimidating while pissing themselves, but this guy certainly gave it a go.


Hilarious footage of a tough guy being arrested by the police in London has emerged online but the bloke has a rather unusual tactic to resist his arrest. Rather than fight off the officers to assert his dominance, he instead begins to wet himself.

Unfortunately for the guy it doesn’t quite work, presumably because the combination of low strung jeans, high-waisted underwear and the positioning of his genitals. All of which combine to make his piss shoot straight up in the air making him look like the world’s worst garden fountain.

PissPissYou Tube

The police take it in their stride, clearly struggling not to laugh, as they stand behind him while he rants and raves like a pissy lunatic about how he’ll be ‘out in ten years’ and his family ‘banging up’ all of those laughing at him.


Who knows though, when you’re in jail maybe this could pee a a great strategy?

Tom Percival

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