Man Arrested After ‘Murdering Stepdad’ And ‘Posting Selfies With Corpse’ On Twitter


A man has been arrested after allegedly strangling his stepdad before posing for selfies with his body. 

38-year-old Navar Terrance Beverly is said to have murdered Ronald Francis Pinkey, 65, in Bowie, Maryland. He was arrested on Saturday after a brief car chase.

Navar posted the images to his Twitter (since removed) which purported to show him lying beside Ronald’s dead body.

According to police documents, Navar told a witness he told them he ‘would do it.’

An eyewitness said that Navar strangled Ronald in a chokehold until a bystander intervened.


Bowie City Police Department said the two had a chequered history of physical altercations.

Ronald’s neighbour Mike Gonzaludo told

I just talked to him last night right after he had mowed the lawn. He looked out for everybody.

He would take everything if he saw trash, he would pick it up. Or if you were a stranger, he’d say hi.