Man Named As London Attacker Reportedly Still In Prison

by : UNILAD on : 22 Mar 2017 20:22

News reports by Channel 4 which named the London attacker as Abu Izzadeen have been thrown into doubt after reports emerged that he is still in jail.


There are now conflicting reports following the confirmation by Channel 4 that the attacker, who drove a vehicle across Westminster Bridge, killing at least two people, before stabbing a police officer to death outside the Houses of Parliament earlier today, was Izzadeen.

Abu Izzadeen, whose birth name was Trevor Brooks, was confirmed by the media outlet as the man who was shot by police after the attack and later died of his injuries. He is a well known high-profile British Islamic extremist.

Head of home news at Channel 4, Rhodri Jones confirmed that Izzadeen was the man who ‘attacked Westminster today’, before later deleting his tweets.


Since then, there have been conflicting reports, with many reporting that Trevor Brooks is still in jail.

Top journalist Andrew Neil also reported Channel 4’s confirmation, before later revealing their doubts.

New information has emerged, saying the solicitor has been in touch with media outlets, confirming it was not him.

Despite these claims, a direct quote from the solicitor is yet to be supplied.

Simon Israel, Senior Home Affairs Correspondent on Channel 4, has confessed that new evidence points to the fact that Abu Izzadeen is in jail.


Since the revelation, Channel 4 News has taken down their plus one program.

An LBC journalist has spoken to the lawyer of Abu Izzadeen and was told ‘The last contact we had was the 8th January 2016 in court’.

Channel 4 have released a statement saying they are ‘looking into’ the conflicting information. UNILAD reached out to the Ministry of Justice to try and confirm who was behind the attack, however a Duty Press Officer insisted it wasn’t their place to provide us with a comment due to the ongoing police investigation.

So far in today’s attacks five people have been killed including the attacker.

Our thoughts go out to all those affected by today’s horrific and cowardly attack.

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