Man Nearly Loses Leg After Being Bitten By ‘Flesh-Eating Spider On Flight’

Jonathon-Hogg-spider-biteJonathon Hogg via The Mirror

Fucking hell, that is grim. Warning, this article contains graphic photos of some disgusting spider related injuries.

A holidaymaker is suing Qatar Airways after he was bitten by a flesh-eating spider on one of their flights.

Jonathon Hogg, from London, was told by doctors he could have died, after he was attacked by a poisonous brown recluse spider on a flight from Qatar to South Africa. The bite from the deadly spider caused his leg to ‘burst and melt’, The Mirror reports.

Mr Hogg, 40, felt a sharp pain on his leg and saw a small spider running across the floor. He didn’t think much of it at first, but the bruise got bigger and bigger until three days later his leg burst.

Jonathon-Hogg-spider-bite (1)Jonathon Hogg

He said:

They said had I been bitten on a vein I would be dead. It’s necrotic venom which eats the flesh. The pain was like nothing I’ve been through in my life. By the time I got to hospital my leg was bursting open, there was pus, it was black.

Doctors told him he could have lost his leg or even died if he had left it any longer.

He sent Qatar Airways an email telling them what happened. But he felt the airline didn’t take the situation seriously, not even bothering to properly read the complaint and telling him they were sorry he’d seen a spider.

It’s the company’s legal requirement to properly fumigate the airplane to ensure incidents like this don’t happen.

Jonathon-Hogg-Spider-Bite (2)Jonathon Hogg

He’s now suing the airline, and says he has a phobia of flying, which he needs to do for work. He said:

I’m not sure I’ll ever get on a plane again. I have a plane phobia now. I work for a big New York telecoms company negotiating contracts. I need to be able to fly to New York to get ahead.

I’m going to my doctors with nightmares about flying and losing my leg.

Absolutely gruesome.