Man Opens Parcel Only To Be Greeted By Huge Tarantula

by : Mark Foster on : 03 Sep 2015 13:49

What’s the worst thing you can imagine getting in the post? Court summons? A human head? Your bank statement? The answer is of course a tarantula, and this guy was unlucky enough to receive one.

After moving to a new house, an unsuspecting man from Bristol received a mysterious parcel. Assuming it was some forwarded mail or maybe a welcome present from a neighbour, he gleefully opened the package, keen to discover the wonder that lay inside.


Right up until the moment a bloody great Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater flew out at him.

Apparently, the spider was bound for the previous occupant of the house, and had ‘return to sender’ quite clearly written on the box, though it lay unopened for three weeks. The Brazillian Salmon Pink Birdeater is the third largest breed of tarantula and its legs can grow up to 11 inches long.

The man decided to take the spider to Highcroft Veterinary Group in Whitchurch, Bristol to get the spider checked out, where vets said it was very ill.


Sonya Miles, one of the vets who treated the spider said:

It is common to send insects and some living creatures via the post, as long as they are clearly labelled in accordance with the postal service being used. Although the package did adhere to all the regulations, it was just an unlucky situation that resulted in it not being collected by its intended owners.


If this entire situation isn’t an advert for never opening other people’s post, I don’t know what is. Now dubbed Sid, the spider is recuperating at North Somerset Reptile Rescue and is looking for a new owner. If you live in the area and fancy yourself a bit of a spiderman (or woman) do Sid a favour and give him a good home.

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