Man Orders Wrong Uber After Night Out, Ends Up With Massive Bill

by : UNILAD on : 06 Sep 2015 11:23


These days, when you’re ready to go home from a drunken night out, you just reach for your phone, go on your Uber app, and order a taxi.


Pretty standard right?

Then, you wake up the next morning, dread to check your bank balance, because, you know, all those rounds seemed like a good idea at the time, but now? Not so much.

That’s exactly what happened to Richard Beech, but when he checked his balance, he noticed something very wrong indeed.


His Uber journey had cost him FAR more than it should have, and after looking into it, Richard found out the reason why.

He had ordered an UberLux, literally the Rolls Royce of taxis in Uber land.

Obviously Richard assumed he had ordered a normal Uber, and only realised he had paid premium fare for a seriously premium car when it was too late, and took to Twitter to share his experience.


He claimed:

So last night I was a but drunk (sic) & I mistakenly ordered a ‘Lux’ Uber.

Knew something was wrong when the driver asked me if I was warm enough.

According to Richard, his usual journey of around £12 cost him a massive £48.

That isn’t really surprising considering an UberLux charges three times the normal amount you would usually pay in a standard car.


If that floats your boat, UberLux drivers are hand picked, have to drive a top car, and according to Richard, are very worried about your temperature.

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