Man Plans To Travel Across Europe With Friends – As The ‘Backpack’

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This guy is living out millions of people’s dreams of backpacking around Europe, except in this case, he actually is the backpack.


Kevan Chandler, from Florida, will be travelling across Europe with his friends this summer, and he plans to visit France, England, Ireland and various other countries and famous landmarks across the continent.

However, because Kevan suffers from muscular dystrophy, he is unable to walk and is wheelchair-bound, the Mirror reports.

We Carry Kevan

So, to combat this, Kevan’s mates have touchingly offered to carry their friend, whose weight has dropped to just 65lbs due to the incurable disease, from country to country as a ‘human backpack’.


During the trip, the group hope to visit catacombs, ancient monasteries and see breathtaking views. This way, Kevan will be able to have an experience he is ‘sure never to forget’.

Kevan told WANE TV: ‘These guys want to make this happen. They want to serve me in this way.”

Kevan Chandler/Facebook

On his GoFundMe page, Kevan adds:

On a cold night in 2013, I fulfilled a dream I’ve had to go urban spelunking. I have muscular dystrophy and thus rely on a wheelchair to get around, so the feat seemed out of reach until my friends made it possible. Moved with love for me and my aspirations, four guys took turns carrying this 65 lb. explorer on their backs through the Carolina sewers.

Now, three years later, the gang has another dream — to carry me across Europe, especially the hard-to-get-to parts of France, England, and Ireland. These amazing countries are filled with wonders that would normally be inaccessible to me, from catacombs to gardens to ancient monasteries. The rich history and breathtaking landscapes that draw the world to those shores draw the disabled all the same.

We Carry Kevan

Tom Troyer, Philip Keller and Ben Duvall will take turns carrying Kevan on their back in a specially converted backpack, while Luke Thompson will film their trip of a lifetime. Kevan also plans to write a book about the incredible trip.

The group are now raising money to fund their European travels, which they hope will take place from June 19 to July 8.


You can donate and find out more about Kevan and the trip on his GoFundMe page and his blog, We Carry Kevan.

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