Man Posts Hilariously Intense Advert For Tennis Partner, No One Responds

Adam butler/PA

A Twitter prankster has posted a hilarious advert for a tennis partner, and shockingly nobody answered the call.

The man, who refers to himself as Michael, claims in the advert that he has no previous experience within the sport but knows he can succeed.

Following three hours of having balls thrown at them and proving improvisation skills Michael says he would name a successful applicant his doubles partner.

But don’t even dream of it if you have ever juiced or taken performance enhancing drugs. Michael is a puritan and not into such underhand tactics.

Shock horror the spoof ad failed to entice any willing partners, but Michael knew why.

He mispelled equipment.

With the error clarified hopefully someone will turn up on Monday morning to create what can only be assumed will become a tennis doubles dynasty.

It’s not the first time Michael has posted joke posters and adverts around town, frankly his efforts are nothing short of awesome.

There is also his collection of short stories, which are sadly yet to be commercially published.

Needless to say I am looking forward to 8:54 am on Monday to see how the tennis saga develops.