Man Pranks Wife With Talcum Powder Hairdryer, Goes Horribly Wrong


Playing pranks on women have landed men in the doghouse for as long as anyone can remember.

But pity the poor soul who thought he was playing a harmless practical joke on his wife and probably ended up on the couch. Permanently.

Footage shows a woman blow-drying her hair – everything starts out pretty normal, until baby powder starts to gust out.


You can hear children giggling in the background, and it’s all fun and games for a while, until the powder ignites and turns her hair dryer into a flamethrower.


Judging from the footage, she no doubt lost a bit of hair, or maybe even an eyebrow or two. Let’s just hope her face was alright.

The prank – which was meant to be harmless – is not actually meant to set a hair dryer on fire. Most of the time, the result is just a very pissed off woman with white, talcy hair.

It’s supposed to go down like this:

Maybe next time he’ll think twice – or at least test the prank out – before pranking his wife again.