Man ‘Punches Pregnant Girlfriend In The Stomach’ For Social Experiment, Internet Reacts Accordingly

by : UNILAD on : 10 Jan 2016 16:37

Internet pranksters have sparked controversy on Facebook after posting a video of a man punching assaulting his pregnant girlfriend in a horrific social experiment.


Trollstation shared the clip showing the boyfriend appearing to punch his other half in the stomach in a busy London street, with some members of the public trying to intervene, while others kept going about their day.

The viral filmmakers had hired two actors to stage the violent exchange, but many people believe that they went a step too far with this stunt the Daily Mail reports.

Trollstation shared the thought provoking video on Facebook on January 8th, after producing the clip back in April last year and it received quite a fair bit of criticism.


One user said: “I like social experiments normally but really don’t get what this one achieves, other than a shock factor.” While another wrote: “You’re not accomplishing anything out of this! Do something that’s right and makes us feel good about the world!”

Actor Nathan Brown tested people’s reaction to domestic violence along with fellow actress Amina Maz, repeatedly calling her a fool whilst shopping and accusing her of sleeping with strangers.

Despite his sickening behaviour, people just stared at the couple or just simply ignored them.

In the next scene – on a busy street in central London – Nathan can be seen grabbing Amina’s arm before punching her in the stomach.

Finally, the general public get involved and ask Nathan to leave her alone, before helping her up.


After a stranger bursts into tears – so disturbed by what she witnessed – the pair then confess that they were simply doing a ‘social experiment’ and that it wasn’t real.

Speaking to FEMAIL, Amina said:

I was quite shocked that people didn’t intervene until the punch. I couldn’t believe they were seeing an aggressor attacking a pregnant woman and not doing anything about it. They obviously didn’t want to put themselves in harm’s way.

She went on to defend their reasoning behind making the video, saying they wanted to ‘raise awareness’ of domestic violence.

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    Man 'punches his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach' in a horrifying experiment to show reactions of witnesses