Man Pushes An Auto Store Employee Too Far, Gets Knocked Out


Never start something you can’t finish, especially when it is likely to lead to you being knocked out for the whole world to see.

An American man has learned that lesson the hard way after challenging an auto store employee to a fight.

It is not entirely clear what causes the confrontation but the customer is far from happy, calling the employee a ‘punk ass bitch’ and threatening to knock him out. Needless to say things don’t pan out quite how the agitator would like.

The man he wants to square up to clearly knows his stuff and will not be drawn into throwing the first punch, safe in the knowledge that he can claim self defense.

Once the customer does foolishly engage proceedings he is soon on the floor under a rain of blows to the head.

The member of staff probably knew the other guy was incapable of walking away, but at least he presented the option of avoiding the violent consequences.

Hopefully the man in the purple shirt makes a speedy recovery and learns to keep his mouth firmly shut in future as the whole scene was completely unnecessary.