Man Puts Bro Code To The Test, Asks Total Strangers To Lie To His Girlfriend

bx fbAria Inthavong

One guy decided to put the so called ‘bro code’ to the test, and asked total strangers to back him up when he lied to his girlfriend about his whereabouts.

YouTuber Aria Inthavong was behind the social experiment and subsequent video, which is aptly called Bros Before Hoes, and the results are pretty conclusive.

Almost all the guys who he asks agree to lie to his girlfriend, and give him an alibi, with one guy actually offering to ‘admit’ to stealing Aria’s phone, so he physically couldn’t text his girlfriend. Now that’s dedication for you.

I really don’t know if that reassures me or totally alarms me to be honest.

There were at least two guys who refused to get involved, telling him it was ‘never going to work’, with another guy getting on-board with the crazy scheme but telling Aria he needed to seriously work on his relationship.

Pressure can do a lot to a person!