Man Released After 23 Years Behind Bars For Killing He Didn’t Commit


A US man has been released from prison months after a court ruled he did not originally receive a fair trial.

Robert Jones spent 23 years in prison for the manslaughter of British tourist Julie Stott in 1992, he was also charged with rape and robbery.

Stott died after being shot whilst on holday with her fiancee in New Orleans.

Robert Jones was jailed despite the fact another man, Lester Jones, had already been found guilty of the murder in court. It has also been reported by the BBC that there was ‘compelling evidence’ linking Lester Jones to all of the crimes Robert Jones was accused of.


In June a Louisiana court deemed the original ruling against Robert Jones as the result of an unfair trial.

Jones received further backing as the murder detective and judge from his original trial described his conviction as a miscarriage of justice, with emphasis placed on a poor performance from his legal representation.

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Jones has been released on bail, pending a retrial, and has been reunited his family and daughter Bree who was born whilst he was in prison.