Man Reports Masseuse To Police After Irregular Sports Massage

Josh Burbridge / Facebook

A man is claiming he was sexually assaulted by a masseuse who ‘stripped off and ‘tried to perform a sex act on him’ after he’d gone in for a sports massage.

23-year-old Josh Burbridge said he went to the masseuse for a sports massage on Monday, October 30th, because he had a ‘sore back’ after a Halloween party over that weekend.

Josh, who is a barista from Tonbridge, told Kent Live he’d booked himself in to see the massage practitioner as a ‘treat’ for himself.


Josh, who has waived his right to anonymity, said after his pre-paid 45 minutes were over, ‘the masseuse took her own clothes off, grabbed his genitals and attempted to perform a sex act on him’.

According to Metro, Josh said:

When I got to the room I stripped down until it was just my jeans that were on. She told me to strip all the way down. I did – I was fully naked – I expected her to come in with a towel.

She then immediately started. She did about 30 minutes or so on my back, and then she asked me to turn over – so I did. She started massaging me down from the chest, all the way down to my groin area.

Josh Burbridge / Facebook

He continued:

She said, ‘Here now?’ to which I thought she was referring to my inner thigh for something professionally done.

She then went on to my thighs and started playing with my genitals. When she started doing it, I didn’t know what to do.

Josh said he then asked the woman to stop, which he said she did, but he was asked to pay an ‘extra £40’ on top of the £35 he had already paid upfront.

He said he had taken no money along with him but was prompted by staff to pay the extra £40 charge with his bank card.

Despite him knowing he had no money in his account, and feeling uncomfortable in the situation, he went ahead and tried the card but it was declined.

He was then able to make his exit from the building, telling the masseuse he would have to take the issue up with his bank.


Kent Live said they were unable to name the practitioner accused – which they said is based in Kent – because of the ongoing police investigation.

Mr Burbridge added:

I felt that she thought it was such a normal thing to do. I just felt a really bad vibe about the whole thing.

She assumed that was just what I wanted. I would definitely say that’s something that could happen to someone else.

A Kent Police spokesman said officers received a call at 1.20pm on 31 October 2017 to reports of indecent behaviour and said enquiries into the allegations were ‘ongoing’.