Man Rescues Oil-Soaked Penguin, Bird Now Treats Him As Its Mate

Piotr Mistewicz/YouTube

When João Pereira de Souza spotted an oil-soaked penguin on the beach near his home in 2011, his first instinct was to help. Little did he know what consequences his actions would bring.

The retired bricklayer from Ilha Grande, a Brazilian fishing island, cleaned up the bird, fed him sardines, and provided a shady spot to recover.

The penguin, who goes by the name Jinjing, has never forgot the good turn and now consistently returns to de Souza for weeks at a time.

Experts believe that Jingjing’s motives may stretch beyond using the 71-year-old as an easy source of food.

Piotr Mistewicz/YouTube

Dyan deNapoli, a veterinary nurse AKA the Penguin Lady believes Jingjing may have found his soul mate.

She told the Wall Street Journal:

It’s possible that he has redirected his natural instinct to mate toward this guy.”

It is a theory backed up by behaviours confirmed by de Souza.

de Souza said:

When he returns he’s so happy to see me, he comes up to my neck and hoots.”


He doesn’t let any dog or cat near me or else he goes after them and pecks.”

Check out the pair below.

That is one determined little bird.