Man Says He Was Drugged And Framed For The Murder Of His Co-Worker


A motorbike salesman has been arrested in San Jose, California, on suspicion of murder following the disappearance of a co-worker.

39-year-old Steve Hlebo was arrested by police on Saturday and charged with the murder of 28-year-old Kyle Myrick.

Police are alleging that Hlebo killed Myrick just four days after the missing man started working alongside Hlebo at GP Sports motorbike shop. It is reported that officials believe Myrick was killed in a burned-out storage unit that neighbours the store.

Hlebo is arguing that he has been set up.

The Daily Mail reports that Hlebo has claimed that he was in fact being drugged for several days via cups of coffee, keeping him awake and meaning he was out driving in the hours post Myrick’s disappearance.

Speaking to NBChe said:

I think they were putting it in intentionally so they could discredit me and pin the murder on me, essentially.


Reports suggest that Myrick was last spotted at GP Sports on Friday afternoon. He allegedly left to undertake a task with Hlebo and has not been heard from since.

After being called by concerned family members on Friday police say they discovered evidence of a crime within the burned-out unit next to the shop.

A body has not yet been discovered but police claim they have found enough evidence to suggest murder.


Myrick’s mother, Kelly Sparry, has been reported as saying:

We’re grasping at straws, but we can’t just sit. As for police saying it’s a homicide, we don’t know why they’re saying that.


Something certainly is not right here.

Hopefully for the sake of Myrick and his family there is a development soon.