Man Selling World’s Most Expensive Number Plate For £14.7 Million

by : UNILAD on : 11 Apr 2018 13:59

A man is selling what’s believed to be the world’s most expensive number plate.


At an impressive £14.7 million, it’s not just expensive, it’s absolutely bloody extortionate.

Ten years ago, Afzal Kahn made a very smart business decision – despite being laughed at when he bought the plate for £375,000.

But it’ll be him having the last laugh on the profit he’s set to make.

The owner of Kahn Design had raised a few eyebrows when he purchased the ‘F1’ plate in 2008 from Essex Council, who’ll absolutely no doubt be kicking themselves if they’ve seen what the going rate is now.


Four years ago, Mr Khan is believed to have rejected an offer of £6m, and has now set the starting bid at £12.25m on Plates4less.co.uk – once VAT and taxes are added to the cost, it will total £14.7m.

Think it’d look good on my Fiat500? Didn’t think so. Especially since it’s currently registered to Mr Khan’s Bugatti Veyron SuperSport. Nice.

According to The Sun, the council had owned it for 104 years before accepting the bid from Mr Khan.

The plate is reportedly the most sought after in the world and this is down to the whole Formula One thing – obviously F1 is easily the biggest name in motorsport.

It’s not the only plate Kahn has for sale – in fact, he has a whole range of them on his website, from ‘1 CEO’ which will set you back around £540k, and ‘F00 71E’, which costs £90k.

Bargains all round, am I right?

Khan Design

Last year, Britain’s rudest car registration plate went on sale for a fraction of the price of the ‘F1’ plate… £6k.

Now, you’d have to be prepared to be seen cruising around being judged – more than likely – by most.

You see, this private number plate proclaims Britain’s rudest, most taboo profanity, spelling out ‘CU11 NNT’.

How very!

Apparently some people are happy to pay over the odds to turn their car into a two-finger salute to all passers-by, reports the Mirror.

Jake Smith, Managing Director at Absolute Reg said:

We’ve seen a few weird and wonderful plates in our time but this one takes the biscuit.

It’s very unusual for a plate like this to be available. The DVLA aren’t really fans of rude-sounding plates.

Normally they’ll pull plates like this off the market before their release date but this one must have slipped through the net so the buyer need not worry.

Absolute Reg

Smith continued:

It’s completely legitimate. I think it’s fair to say this plate will probably attract a certain type of person, someone with a definite sense of humour, and we’re sure there will be a lot of interest.

I’m sure plenty of you will know somebody who could – and should – have that plate.


Personally, I’d rather spend the money – I don’t have – on other things before a piece of plastic on the front and back of my car.

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