Man Shaming Cheating Ex On Facebook Is Example Of What Not To Do On Social Media


How would you react if you walked in and discovered your significant other sleeping with another man (or woman)?

Some would stay calm and try to address the situation, others might launch into an argument and throw some stuff out of a nearby window. And, if all else fails, just crack on a power ballad and cry for a while.

What you probably shouldn’t do is threaten to inflict violence on your girlfriend and/or post photos and a ranting status about the entire sorry situation.

However, that’s exactly what one guy decided was his best option when he walked in to find his (now ex) missus sleeping with her roommate, according to a new post on Reddit.


All class.

This is a good example of how not to deal with a bad break-up – as one commenter sums up perfectly, writing, “Kind of sh*tty of you to post it on Facebook for everyone to see. It’s between you and her, not all of your Facebook friends”.

Sadly, not all of this guy’s friends shared the same opinion and opted for the threats, slut-shaming and misogynistic route.


In response, the original poster offered more details about the incident, claiming he intimidated his ex-girlfriend’s roommate enough to prompt him to call the police.

He then terrifyingly added:

If I could redo it I would have slipped a knife into both of them without waking them up. But I’m not that mad at him. Guys will be guys it ain’t his (fault) it’s all her.

So, basically, nobody comes out of this one looking good. Let this be a lesson to social media users everywhere – stop airing your dirty laundry on a public forum!