Man Shot After Catching His Girlfriend Cheating In Disturbing Video


A man fell victim to two horrible incidents within a few minutes of each other.

He found out his girlfriend was cheating on him and then got shot by the guy she was being unfaithful with.

The harrowing video shows the guy filming shouting at the both of them asking, ‘What you going to do about it?’ while the other man wields a gun.


The footage was filmed on a mobile phone using Facebook Live. The two men take swipes at each other before the confrontation takes a more serious turn.

The man holding the camera says, ‘Well shoot me n***er. You got a gun, bet you won’t drop that bitch’, before the weapon gets pulled out and he shoots the gun down, to what looks like the man’s legs.


After the shot is fired, the screen goes black but a man can be heard screaming in pain while his girlfriend shouts.

The content of the video is disturbing, but if you would like to watch it then click here.