Man Sliced To Death By Helicopter Blade During Rescue Mission Gone Wrong


This is the moment a rescue mission went horribly wrong, with footage showing a helicopter crashing, flipping over and slicing a man to death.

The tragic accident took place in Colombia and shows the very moment a simple rescue mission goes absolutely awry.

It was meant to be picking up a group of stranded technicians who’s own helicopter went down a week before due to technical issues in a rural part of Colombia’s southwestern Cauca District.

According to MailOnline, the first helicopter was carrying valuable equipment when it went down, which is why the second helicopter was sent out.

Prior to the fatal incident, the pilot had made four successful trips back and forth, but it was on the fifth trip when the accident occurred.

The video shows two technicians next to the remains of the first helicopter waving their hands to the oncoming rescue helicopter as they try and direct the pilot to a safe landing spot.

The victim in the fatal accident, Ivan Andrés López Londoño – who is wearing white – can be seen with his hands in the air as the black helicopter approaches for its descent. However, it was in this moment the pilot loses control of the helicopter and it begins tipping forward uncontrollably.

It then rolls over to its side, which is when the camera quickly cuts away. During those unseen moments, it’s believed the rotary blades on the vehicle hit López Londoño, who reportedly died immediately afterwards.

López Londoño was working on the site of the first helicopter crash as a maintenance manager.

The pilot is believed to have been taken to hospital after he injured his wrist, picking up bruises after the vehicle was overturned.

Local authorities are now involved working an investigation to determine the reason why he lost control of the helicopter.

At the beginning of March, a Eurocopter AS350 helicopter was reported to have crashed into New York’s East River. 26-year-old journalist Mark Trevor Cadigan was one of the passengers who was on board when the tragic accident took place.

Moments before his death Cadigan sent out a 30-second video message with his fellow passengers.

Footage of the helicopter crash landing in the East River was released on social media by a witness who saw it happen.

In February three British students were killed in a helicopter crash during an aerial tour of the world-famous Grand Canyon. Becky Dobson, 27, Jason Hill, 32, and Stuart Hill, 30, tragically died after their helicopter crashed into jagged rocks at the Arizona national park.

Three other Brits onboard the chopper survived the accident with injuries and were named as Ellie Milward, 29, Jonathan Udall, 32, and Jennifer Barham, 39.

The pilot Scott Booth, 42, was also taken to hospital in a critical condition after the injured survivors spent about nine hours in the canyon while fierce winds and rugged terrain hampered the rescue effort after the crash.

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