Man Spent 22 Years Carving Way Through Mountain After His Wife Died



One Indian man’s long lasting love for his wife saw him literally move mountains.

Dashrath Manjhi saw his wife die in 1959 after being unable to get to their nearest hospital, 34 miles away.

She was unable to get the care she needed given the journey to the hospital involved going round a mountain – so decided to embark on an extraordinary endeavour to make sure no one else suffered the same fate.


He spent more than two decades trying to dig though the mountain, using a hammer and chisel to make a 100m path.

Working day and night, he dug away at the mountain in Gehlour, an eastern Bihar state, and when he died in 2007, aged 73, was honoured with a state funeral.

The inspirational story has now been made into a Bollywood film, that hit screens this week.