Man Stabbed In Eye With Knife Confronts Attacker With Blade Still In Eyeball

by : Lucy Connolly on : 12 Jul 2019 13:08

Warning: Distressing Content

Man with knife in eyeMan with knife in eyeCEN

Shocking footage shows the moment a man confronted his alleged attacker after being stabbed in the eye, with the knife still embedded in his eyeball.

In the video, Domingo Munoz can be seen arguing with his alleged attacker, delivery driver Armando Barragan, outside a shopping centre in eastern Mexico where the incident took place.

As onlookers watch the scene unfold outside the building in Puerto de Veracruz in astonishment, Munoz continues to confront the other man while a police car remains parked nearby.

You can take a look at the astonishing footage below:


Munoz, 47, can be seen dabbing his injured eye with a cloth as he gesticulates at Barragan, blood still dripping down his face.

As he points at his bleeding face and continues to soak up the blood with the cloth, eyewitnesses put their heads in their hands in disbelief – all while Munoz remains standing.

The other man, wearing a white t-shirt, remains calm and walks around with his hands on his hips, shrugging his shoulders in response to Munoz’s questions.

According to Barragan, also 47, the row reportedly started when the pair started arguing over a parking space when Munoz lost his to the delivery driver, leading Munoz to begin attacking him.

Man with knife in eyeMan with knife in eyeCEN

Barragan, a delivery driver for the largest bakery company in the US, Bimbo Bakeries USA, added that he pulled a knife on Munoz after getting attacked by him and then stabbed him in the eye.

Police arrived at the scene shortly after and broke up the fight, before detaining Barragan. Incredibly, despite his injuries, Munoz remained conscious throughout the entire ordeal.


Barragan was arrested while Munoz was taken to Veracruz General Hospital, where doctors removed the knife and performed a scan to see exactly where the weapon had passed through.

The scan showed the knife had pierced the left eyeball, passing through it all the way to the other side of his face, into the lower half of the right eye.

Man with knife in eyeMan with knife in eyeCEN

Local media are reporting that although Munoz is in a stable condition, he lost all sight in his left eye. As of yet, it is unclear whether the suspect has been charged or not.

Our thoughts are with Munoz as we wish him a speedy recovery.

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