Man Stabbed In London By Knifeman Who ‘Wanted To Kill A Muslim’


A knifeman who attacked a man earlier today at a London train station reportedly shouted ‘I want to kill a Muslim’ before stabbing his victim with a six inch knife. 

The racist attack, which was described as ‘horrific’ and a ‘massacre’ by witnesses, took place at lunchtime today at Forest Hill train station in southeast London, according to Sky News.

Apparently the attacker stabbed a Muslim man several times in an entirely unprovoked attack.

Speaking to Sky News, one witness said:

As he walks into my carriage, looks right at me. He has a knife… 5/6 inches. Black handle. Approaches a woman wearing a hijab sitting opposite.

[He then said] I don’t want a Muslim women. I want me a Muslim man.

He looked like a man possessed. He was walking at a fast pace through the carriage.

Another witness claimed that she saw the attacker waving a knife and shouting ‘Muslims fucking hate them, kill them all’.

She added:

I was walking along and someone stopped and said ‘be careful, he’s got a knife’.

As I looked around there he was. I just grabbed my baby and ran across the road. Looking back (I saw) him marching up and down waving his arm about.

In the immediate aftermath of the attack one man was arrested while another, presumably the victim, was rushed to hospital.

Somewhat shockingly – the attack is not being treated as terror related.