Man Stamps On His Girlfriend By Accident During Bar Brawl

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Crazy CCTV footage shows the chaotic moment a huge brawl broke out in a members club.


Things got so out of hand here that tables, chairs and glasses were thrown, people were kicked while they were on the floor, and one guy even stamped on his own girlfriend by mistake during the four minute melee.

The four offenders in the fight all appeared in the dock at Teesside Crown Court today to be sentenced.

According to reports on Gazette Live, the brawl was sparked when sisters Denise Dennison, 51, and Barbara Crutchley, 53, were asked to leave as they weren’t members of the club.


Dennison then began hurling abuse at Thomas McStravick, 37, and his partner Bonnie McDonald, 36.

In response, McStravick hurled furniture and a glass (which hit a DJ in the head) and began throwing punches, before pushing three men across the North Ormesby Institute Working Men’s Club in Middlesbrough and stamping on a man’s head who tried to stop the violence.

He also tried to stamp on Dennison, but the blow struck his partner McDonald instead, injuring her leg. Smooth.

McStravick, Donald and Dennison all admitted affray today in court, while Crutchley admitted to the lesser charge of disorderly behaviour.

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Denise Dennison and Barbara Crutchley: The lovely ladies who sparked the brawl

McStravick was jailed for 10 months, while the judge gave each of the other three offenders a 12-month community order with unpaid work. All four were also ordered to pay £200 costs.

Sean Grainger, defending McStravick, said he completely over-reacted to a “verbal altercation” involving his partner.

He said:


He was appalled by his behaviour. His reaction went way beyond anything that could be appropriate in any circumstances.

Yeah, pretty much…

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