Man Steals Package Off Porch And The Victim Fights Back



A man who stole a package from a porch in Concord, Massachusetts ended up being chased by the home owner who, quite remarkably, managed to turn the tables on the man at the last second. 

The thief swiftly exits his car and nabs a package from a porch, but he doesn’t expect the home owner to come flying out after him and reach in the window of his car. The victim then manages to snatch a purse from a woman in the passenger seat.

The victim had this to say about the incident to Claycord News & Talk:

This happened at 4:12pm on Friday Sep.25. These people have no fear, three cars in the driveway and the female in the passenger seat even made eye contact with our grown daughter through the window.

They drove by several times and were not following a delivery truck, but just looking for packages or what ever else they could steal.

My Daughter said someone is running up to the house, I ran out and realized he was stealing something and chased him to the car. I reached in to the window and tried to stop them, he didn’t care that I had her arm and when he started to drive off, I saw her purse and grabbed it with hopes there was ID and turned it in to the police.

The thief was recorded from multiple camera angles. The first one shows all the action: