Man Stole Human Brains And Sold Them On eBay


You can buy some weird things on eBay – Ronnie Pickering’s car, for example.

Also, human brains, as was recently discovered when David Charles was arrested for stealing said brains from a former psychiatric hospital and selling them on the popular internet bidding site.

The 23-year-old got into the Indiana Medical History Museum, which was previously the Central Indiana Hospital for the Insane, several times, The Guardian reported.

He stole items including an electrocardiogram machine, scopes, a baby scale and human brain matter.


Police busted Charles when a guy bought six jars of delicious brain material for £400 on eBay, then tracked the items to the museum with a bit of online research.

Investigators then used a piece of paper they found at the museum with his bloody fingerprint on to identify him, finding 80 jars of human tissue when conducting a search.

Charles has pleaded guilty to the macabre crime, and was charged with six offences including receiving stolen property and burglary.

He was sentenced to one year of home detention, two years of probation and was also ordered to stay away from the museum, obviously…