Man Successfully Crowdfunds 20-Piece McNugget Meal


You have to dare to dream in life. How big is up to you, but for this American student the goal was simple. All he wanted was to conquer one 20-piece McNugget Meal.

To achieve this lofty ambition Michael Panik reached out to the world via crowdfunding website, GoFundMe.

The man from Jacksonville State University set out his aims very clearly and concisely.

He wrote:

Ever since I was a child, I’ve wanted to do something truly great in life. Each human on this earth has potential for greatness; to achieve their goals. I am no different.

My name is Michael Panik, and I WILL devour a 20pc Chicken McNugget Meal from McDonald’s restaurant.

I understand the risks involved. I understand this is no small undertaking. I am, however, devoted to this concept, this one thought: twenty of the whitest, freshest, breaded chicken nuggets powering down my digestive tract at full force, followed by two large fries, and two ice-cold Coca Colas.

Some people call me crazy.

I just call them “chicken.”

Much to Panik’s delight the target of $10 was promptly achieved via one donation from a generous man by the name of Michael Brown. Panik was swift to thank the world.


Tongue firmly pressed in cheek there, it’s believed that Panik actually wanted to point out how many trivial plights find their way onto the site.

In a subsequent interview he said:

A friend and mine were talking about all the ridiculous GoFundMe campaigns we’ve seen recently, basically people just asking for money to buy personal stuff: new equipment, software… It’s pretty rude, honestly—just begging for money for things you want or need, that ultimately aren’t super expensive, and aren’t true necessities.

He has a point.