Man Terrorises Customers In Flagship Apple Store With Samurai Sword

Banjo/Jimmy Chen

The flagship Apple Store in Manhattan was brought to a standstill yesterday as a man – armed with a samurai sword – entered the Fifth Avenue complex and threatened customers…

The incident happened as New York was already on high alert after the shocking atrocities in Paris the week before and ahead of the holiday season, kicking off next Thursday with a Thanksgiving parade.

Banjo/Jimmy Chen

It’s reported that the man made his way down the glass-enclosed spiral staircase – which is the only entrance to store from street – just before 4pm. Customers understandably retreated when they saw his sword.

CBS reported that police said the man was threatening to kill himself. He was waving his sword about as he trekked down the stairs- which was caught on video by several on-lookers in the store.

Banjo/Jimmy Chen

Jimmy Chen uploaded a video to Banjo, showing the man drop the sword before picking it back up and keep swinging aimlessly.

Police added that security guards had stopped the man from properly entering the store and two off-duty police officers were able to neutralise his threat before backup arrived.

Getty Images

Pictures than surfaced on social media showing the man pinned face down in the store, surrounded by a load of police.

The unidentified man has since been transported to Bellevue Hospital for evaluation.

This incident was not terror-related.