Man Tests Safety Of Glass Bridge By Smashing It With Sledgehammer

bridge1Haim Dotan LTD

A BBC journalist was offered a unique experience when he was invited to test the integrity of a glass bridge with a sledgehammer.

Dan Simmons travelled to the 430-metre-long, 300-metre-high, glass-bottomed bridge in Central China’s Zhangziazie Grand Canyon in a bid to prove its safety.

Check it out:

As reported by the Daily Mail, the stunt was intended to allay public concern surrounding such structures after crowds fled a similar bridge in China during September of last year.

A tourist had dropped a mug on one of the glass panels, creating hysteria among crowds.

Thankfully for Simmons he only damaged the first of three layers of glass, with the upper surface cracking but the lower two reinforced layers unscathed.

And you should hope so too at a cost of 26 million Yuan -roughly £2.77 million- and amid claims from owners that the bridge can support 800 people at one time.

Haim Dotan designed the skywalk, which stretches between two cliffs in Zhangjiajie national park, and it should open to the public in July.

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