Man Tries To Trade Kanye West Yeezys For A Kidney

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Kanye West’s Yeezys are some of the most coveted things around, and everyone wants to get their hands on the shoes.

The shoes are currently sold out, and one man is testing just how far people will go to land a pair.

Matt Neal is desperate for a kidney, given both of his are failing, and the 26 year old wants to trade his Yeezys for a kidney.

Yeah, you got that right, a vital organ for shoes. Because that’s a fair trade apparently.

The guy, from Michigan, wants to swap a pair of Kanye West Adidas Yeezy Boost 350s for a fully functioning kidney.



Neal, who is on a waiting list that is five to seven years long, claimed that it was only a joke, given buying organs is illegal.

He added that ‘people in the sneaker community always say they’ll trade a pair of yeezy’s and I was making this post to show people it’s more serious than that’.