Man Watches On Smartphone As Hidden Camera Shows His House Being Burgled

NY Post

A guy in New York got a pretty shitty surprise when his smartphone/ hidden camera combo alerted him to robbers casing his house.

After going to work, Danny Wheeler, 30, got an alert from his home security system as a live image flashed on screen of two men in his home.

Calling 911, Danny rushed home as he watched the two men pocket $500 (£320) in jewellery before being confronted by a suspicious neighbour and fleeing. Unfortunately for Danny, his neighbour wasn’t Steven Segall, and the pair escaped long before he, or the police, could get to them.

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Danny used the home security app Canary, which links up a hidden camera with a movement sensor to the internet, sending live footage to your phone when it thinks there might be an intruder.

An NYPD policeman said he recognises one of the suspects, but Danny has still uploaded the five-minute clip to YouTube in the hope that the two thieves can be brought to justice.

If this story has a moral, it’s that technology is pretty rad for spotting wrong’uns stealing your shit, but absolutely useless at stopping them. What a time to be alive.