Man Who Attempted To Kill Unborn Child Gets Less Than Two Years Inside

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33Samuel Easterbrook, left, Kira Brooks, right

A man has been jailed for punching, kicking and stabbing his pregnant ex-girlfriend in an attempt to kill his unborn son – but he has only been given 21 months in prison.


A court heard how sicko Samuel Easterbrook, 20, flew into a rage after Kira Brooks, 32, ended their relationship. They had been together for a year.

Samuel reacted by smashing her television and pouring bleach over her belongings, before launching into a vicious attack – in which he shouted he was ‘going to get the baby out of her’.

Unbelievably, however, Easterbrook has only been given 21 months behind bars after pleading guilty to actual bodily harm and criminal damage at Exeter Crown Court on July 3.

22Exeter Crown Court in Exeter, Devon / PA

Speaking about the horrific attack, Kira, who is a health care assistant, said: “I was in complete shock, then he started kicking and punching my stomach saying he hoped we would both die, the pain was excruciating.”

“Sam was so happy when I first told him I was pregnant, he cried at the scans and told me he couldn’t wait to be a father so I had no idea what he was going to be capable of.”

“He was screaming that if I didn’t want to be with him then I couldn’t have his baby, the next thing he had a knife to my throat before he stabbed me in my arm.”

PA-11679000_exter_c_346077cPA-11679000_exter_c_346077cExeter Crown Court in Exeter, Devon / PA

Speaking at the hearing, Judge Jeremy Griggs told Easterbrook: “This is as unpleasant as it gets. It appears to be a deliberate attempt to cause your child to be aborted. Thankfully, that has not happened.”

He went on to initiate a restraining order, banning him from any contact with Brooks, and stated that in order to see his son in the future, he would ‘have to apply through the family courts’.


He will be a free man in less than two years.

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    Jilted boyfriend stabbed pregnant ex and punched and kicked her in the stomach in attempt to kill his own unborn daughter - and screamed that he would 'get the baby out of her'