Man Who Brutally Kicked Woman Down Metro Station Stairs Has Been Sentenced


The man who brutally kicked a woman down a flight of stairs in a Berlin metro station has been jailed.

Last year, CCTV footage emerged of the unprovoked attack on the woman, who suffered a broken arm and head wound in the attack, and it quickly went viral.

The man, who was identified as 28-year-old, Svetoslav S, from Bulgaria, said he ‘did not remember’ the incident but admitted it was him in the video.

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During the trial, the woman said she had fallen ‘head first and landed on her face’, adding she had ‘suffered for months’ after the attack and had ‘initially avoided contact with the outside world’, according to the BBC.

Svetoslav S, whose full name has not been made public due to German privacy laws, was sentenced to two years and 11 months in jail for grievous bodily harm.


In the video, he was seen holding a bottle and smoking as he sneaks down four steps behind his victim before kicking her causing her to fall to the bottom of the staircase.

He is described as a convicted criminal in Bulgaria who was suffering from brain damage caused by a car accident.

The BBC reports his sentence would have been longer, but a psychiatric expert argued that the attacker had diminished responsibility because of the brain injury as well as alcohol and drug abuse.

Svetoslav S reportedly belongs to Bulgaria’s Turkish minority and grew up in poverty, according to CEN, who reported how he cried in court.
He is reported to have said:
I swear by my children. I never wanted to cause pain. I must have lost myself.

We hope the woman recovers from this horrible ordeal.