Man Who ‘Brutally Murdered’ His Mum And Friend Confessed In Chilling Facebook Post


Warning: Distressing Content

Jasper County Sheriff's Department/Facebook

Earlier today Casey James Lawhown was at the centre of a multi-state manhunt after he confessed to shooting and killing his friend and mother in a planned murder.

Lawhorn, 23, was wanted by police for the double shootings, which took place in East Ridge, Tennessee, on the outskirts of Chattanooga, at 5am on Sunday morning.

Perhaps the most shocking thing about the killings however is the Facebook post he wrote in the hours which followed the murders.

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Pulled up on the side of I-59 near the Vossburg exit, Tennessee, Lawhorn typed a Facebook post giving detailed and accurate information about the murders while seated in his car which had broken down, ABC News reports.

Though you can read the Facebook posts in full below, some excerpts go as follows:

This morning, at around 01:30, I shot and killed my mother (Vi Lawhorn) and a close friend of mine (Avery Gaines) with a stolen .22 LR.

Avery was staying the night to go with me to Epikos Hixson tonight to play MtG like we usually do. He fell asleep on my living room floor at around 00:30, the same time I went to pick my mom up from Buds Sports Bar on Brainerd Road.

My mom was completely wasted, and just like every other time she gets drunk, she goes on and on, without prompt, about how devastated she’d be if I killed myself. Once I got her back to our house I went to my room and grabbed the gun.

I nervously paced for a few minutes, playing the coming events out in my head, which were vastly different from what actually happened. I walked up to Avery as he slept and shot him in the head once, he seemed to die instantly.

Vi Lawhorn/Avery Gaines/Facebook
Casey Lawhorn/Facebook

He then moved into his mother’s room, explaining:

My mom was in her room, disoriented from alcohol, barely registered that anything happened. I attempted to shoot her in her bed right then, but the gun jammed. She didn’t notice what I just attempted. I left the room and fixed the jam.

When I went back into her room, she was out of bed trying to calm down her dog, Oscar. I rapidly got off 2 shots, but I missed anything vital since there weren’t any lights on in her room. I saw 1 entry wound in her left arm, I’m not sure where the other one went.

She started screaming the worst scream I’ve ever heard. Movies really don’t do justice to how true terror sounds. The gun jammed up again, so I scrambled to get it fixed.

She shouted ‘You shot me! You’ve killed me! Why?’ Once I got the jam fixed, I turned on the light so I wouldn’t miss again. I shot at her twice more and it was over.

Casey Lawhorn/Facebook

He then went onto explain how he stole from his friend, writing:

I went back into the living room to take the heroin and cash Avery had on him. The whole in his forehead was so small, and not a lot of blood had come out of it.

However, thick, dark blood was pouring from his nose and bile came out of his mouth. I was shaking from adrenaline, but I felt nothing other than that, except maybe disgust at the corpse in front of me and the noises it was making. I reached into his pocket to get out his wallet, grabbed what i wanted, and left the house. The whole event took probably 3 or 4 minutes.

I had hoped both were going to be quick and efficient. I didn’t want my mom to suffer, to die in horror, to die with the knowledge that her son did it (I didn’t hurt our dog or cat, in case anyone was wondering about the animals).

The post continued with Lawhorn claiming that his next intention was to kill himself and asking that instead of praying for his family to go and help his brother who, he admitted, he had just ruined the life of.

Casey Lawhorn/Facebook

The post concluded with Lawhorn claiming that if there was an afterlife he would be in ‘the lake of ice’ in the pits of hell for betrayal of friends and family.

He finished saying:

What I look forward to is the nothingness after death. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about murder, wondering what it feels like. But I’ve barely felt anything.

Lawhorn’s body was found by police just 100 metres from where his broken down vehicle was found. He had died from a suspected suicide.