Man Who Intentionally Infected Over 30 Women With HIV Jailed


An Italian accountant has been sentenced to 24 years in jail after intentionally infecting 30 women with HIV.

Valentino Talluto allegedly had unprotected sex with up to 53 women after being diagnosed with HIV in 2006. His youngest sexual partner was 14 at the relationship’s start.

Using the pseudonym  ‘Hearty Style’, he went on social media and dating sites to find victims.

The 33-year-old was sentenced to 24 years imprisonment on Friday.

The defense team behind Talluto said the actions of their client were ‘imprudent, but not intentional.’

Whenever women would ask the accountant to wear a condom he told them he was either allergic, or had recently tested negative for HIV.

When victims would confront Talluto he would simply deny he had the virus, which shuts down the immune system.


Consequently, a further four people contracted HIV including three men and a baby.

Prosecutor Elena Neri told the court last month, ‘His actions were intended to sow death.’

Talluto told the court he wouldn’t have gone to the effort of having actual relationships if that were the case.

He said: 

Many of the girls know my friends and family. They say that I wanted to infect as many people as possible. If that had been the case, I would have gone for casual sex in bars, I would not have brought them into my life.

Talluto’s mother was a drug addict who died when he was four from HIV complications.

Victims reportedly wept as he recieved his sentence, which some believe was too short.