Man Who Kicked Schoolboy To Death Posts Disgusting Picture On Facebook


A man given a life sentence for kicking a schoolboy to death posted a picture on Facebook boasting about the killing.

In a series of sickening posts from prison, Jordan McCready, now 23, made it clear he had no remorse for murdering 13-year-old Jon Wilson in 2011.

In an apparent bid to impress a woman, McCready, from Dreghorn, sent a picture of his feet and bragged that they had ‘done’ his victim.

The Daily Record reports he also made vile remarks about raping Wilson and snorting his ashes. He also allegedly threatened to rape a female Facebook user after she branded him sick.

Last year, the Sunday Mail reported that McCready had been on social media boasting about his ‘easy’ life in prison.

It’s believed he has smuggled phones into his cell to post the updates.

McCready, who was 16 when he murdered Jon Wilson, admitted to killing the boy as he made his way home from a friend’s house in Kilmarnock.

Wilson was found to have irreversible brain damage and died following the brutal and reportedly unprovoked attack.

When McCready was arrested, he shouted to police:

If he gets out of intensive care, I’m going to murder him. I’m only 16. I’ll do two year in Polmont for attempted murder.

He claimed to have been ‘glad’ he had ‘done him in’ and that he had been owed money, the BBC reported.

McCready, who told how he ‘jumped up and down on a boy’s head’, also admitted to slashing a stranger and robbing a teenager of his phone after the murder.

He was handed a mandatory life sentence for the murder at the High Court in Edinburgh and must serve 14 years before he can apply for parole.